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Chess Tutor Shredder I-III – Program Belajar catur

Chess Tutor Shredder I-III – Program Belajar catur
Kategori Chess Tutor Step I-II-III
Stok 19
Di lihat 889 kali
Harga Rp 25.000 50.000
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Step I – II – III


The Chess Tutor is a Windows program for the learning of chess, based on the internationally successful Stappenmethode by Brunia/van Wijgerden, with which more than 400 000 children and young people have already learned chess.

The Chess Tutor brings a new dimension to the learning of chess: it has
solid pedagogical foundations, it is effective… and enormous fun. It
constitutes the ideal starting point for children and adults of all ages
– a fact which has already been confirmed many thousands of times.

Chess Tutor Step 1

In the first step, the elementary knowledge is acquired which every successful chess player needs. Step 1 contains 23 lessons, 1800 exercises and 66 games.

Chess Tutor Step 2

The second step is about the basic rules of tactics and positional play.
You will learn many attacking patterns and techniques to win material.
Step 2 contains 21 lessons, 1960 exercises and 84 games.

Chess Tutor Step 3

In the third step you will learn the basics about openings and fundamental endgames, followed by an introduction to planning and further work on tactics. Step 3 contains 23 lessons, 2150 exercises and 93 games.


Belajar Catur dari Pemula sampai Grandmaster

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